Anatomy of a Tech Blog Builder Logo Post



IT Blog Post Example

1. Captivating Headline

A proper headline will intrigue the visitor and entice them to continue reading.

2. Relevant Image

Using a high quality image that relates to the topic will not only make a good first impression on your reader, but also works in your favor for SEO.

3. Inter-linking

It’s important to link appropriate words back to other pages on your website. This not only helps your SEO, but also allows your reader to explore how you can help them with a topic they’re interested in.

4. Varied Formatting

Breaking up the article with bold and italic lettering and bullet lists will break up the monotony of a typical article as well as draw attention to important points.

5. Sub-Headings

Headings help organize an article into coherent pieces and facilitate skimming.

6. Outbound Linking

Linking out to reputable 3rd party websites helps solidify your business as experts to be trusted. It also will balance your link profile for search engines.

7. Call to Action

Every article ends with a “call to action”. This prevents your reader from leaving your website when they’re done with the article.

Awesome Content

Every TBB post is hand-crafted by our expert team of copywriters. Our writers understand how to translate “tech speak” into content that can be understood by your target market.